The 10 Best CPQ Software Vendors Of 2024

This article will help you quickly compare and evaluate the best quote software and understand the basics of what CPQ applications do.

Configure, price, quote software—or CPQ software—is exactly what the name sounds like: a digital system to assist with pricing and sales quoting. Getting the best quote engine will amplify the process. If you have ever wondered how to set up a quote, using CPQ software is designed to automate a lot of the process.

Choosing the right CPQ platform can help you manage product configuration requests, collect e-signatures, set up CAD automation, deliver real-time pricing, and cross-sell various products. The best CPQ product will go above and beyond merely providing proposals and quotes and will address many touchpoints of the sales lifecycle in order to grow your bottom line.

Here are my favorite picks for the best CPQ software on the market right now.

The Best CPQ Software List

Here’s a shortlist of the best CPQ tools:

  1. Oracle CPQ Cloud – Best for easily scalable configure price quote software
  2. Salesforce CPQ  – Best for customized pricing using multiple versions of rep price books
  3. Infor Cloud CPQ – Best for its innovative product configuration engine
  4. Service Path – Best for Value Added Resellers (VARs) & System Integrators (SIs)
  5. Armatic Sales QTC – Best for eSign automation across the sales cycle 
  6. Zimit Services CPQ – Best for quoting professional services, managed services, subscriptions and XaaS
  7. Cincom – Best for international customer experience, with multi-language document printing
  8. Expedite Commerce – Best for B2B manufacturers & distributors of electronics & chemicals
  9. Experlogix CPQ – Best for guided selling, like make-to-order automation
  10. Qmaze CPQ – Best for accurate quotes in a customer self-service environment

Overviews Of The 10 Best CPQ System Software

Here’s a brief description of each of the quotation management software that is featured on this top 10 list. 

1. Oracle CPQ Cloud – Best for easily scalable configure price quote software

Oracle CPQ Software Vendors Screenshot
A growth-oriented customer database keeps data easily searchable.

Oracle CPQ Cloud specializes in managing complex product configurations and providing quick, accurate quotes. Its strength lies in scalable functionality, ensuring businesses of fluctuating demands maintain consistent efficiency and user experience.

Why I Picked Oracle CPQ Cloud:

I chose Oracle CPQ Cloud for its intuitive, robust nature, and critical capability to scale alongside business growth. The tool not only excels in fundamental CPQ functionalities but also effectively adapts to evolving operational demands, thereby substantiating its position as “Best for easily scalable configure price quote software.”

Standout Features & Integrations:

Key features of Oracle CPQ Cloud include guided selling for navigating complex product portfolios and advanced approval workflows, ensuring a fluid journey from quote to approval. The analytics and reporting tools provide invaluable insights into quote performance and facilitate informed decision-making.

Integration-wise, Oracle CPQ Cloud merges effectively with CRM systems like Salesforce and Oracle Sales Cloud, ensuring seamless data flow between customer information and quote generation. Integrations with ERP systems guarantee alignment between the quoting process and inventory, manufacturing, and financial data.


Pricing upon request


  • AI-based price optimization
  • Multi-site document designer
  • List and customer-specific pricing
  • CRM integration with leading SFAs


  • Only 1 Oracle pricing tier
  • Additional services add cost

2. Salesforce CPQ – Best for customized pricing using multiple versions of rep price books

Salesforce CPQ Software Vendors Screenshot
Sales teams can tailor pricing information as they see fit.

Salesforce CPQ excels in managing detailed pricing configurations and enables smooth handling of various rep price books. This capability ensures both pricing accuracy and a high level of configuration efficiency for sales teams navigating complex pricing structures.

Why I Picked Salesforce CPQ:

Salesforce CPQ drew my attention primarily due to its exemplary management of various rep price books and intricate pricing customization options. The tool’s unique capability to adapt pricing to a myriad of scenarios and customer segments offers unparalleled versatility in quotation and pricing strategies. Its specialized functionality in navigating diverse pricing structures justifies its position as the top choice for handling complex, layered pricing models.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Key features of Salesforce CPQ include guided selling, which aids sales reps in identifying and selecting the most advantageous solutions for customers, and advanced approval workflows, ensuring deal precision and compliance. Additionally, the tool offers advanced analytics, providing in-depth insights into sales and quoting activities, aiding strategic decision-making.


Pricing upon request.


  • Fast proposal generation
  • Supports multiple rate quote packages
  • Professional quote templates
  • Easy integration with other Salesforce solutions


  • Per-user products require an annual contract
  • No 2D/3D modeling
  • No self-service portal

3. Infor Cloud CPQ – Best for its innovative product configuration engine

Infor Cloud CPQ Software Vendors Screenshot
Capture knowledge about your customizable products once and share globally.

Infor Cloud CPQ provides a dynamic, intelligent product configuration engine designed to enhance the speed and precision of sales quoting processes. Its prowess in managing complex product configurations ensures accurate and detailed quotes, aligning directly with its reputation for harboring a notably innovative product configuration engine.

Why I Picked Infor Cloud CPQ:

I picked Infor Cloud CPQ due to its distinct, innovative product configuration engine that not only assures detailed, but also error-free options during quoting. This tool efficiently navigates through diverse product configurations, transforming complex procedures into a simplified user interface. The ability to rapidly yet accurately develop quotes, while ensuring each one adheres to organizational standards, positions it firmly as the best for its innovative product configuration engine.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Infor Cloud CPQ shines with its 2D and 3D visualizations of configured products, aiding in reducing errors by providing real-time visual verification during the configuration process. It also aligns sales configurations with manufacturing capabilities, effectively bridging the gap between sales and production. Moreover, it integrates smartly with CRM and ERP systems, providing a consistent and coherent data flow through different stages of the sales and production pipeline, ensuring synchronized operations and data accuracy across all business units.


Pricing upon request. Note that precise pricing details are not publicly available, necessitating direct contact with Infor for an accurate quote tailored to your organization’s specific needs and scale. This allows for a customized approach to your investment, ensuring the pricing and configuration align closely with your organizational requirements and usage.


  • Products in 2D or 3D models
  • Automatically produce BOMs
  • Robust product cataloging
  • Easy to follow programming steps


  • Emphasis on cataloging over quoting
  • No guided selling
  • No renewal management options

4. ServicePath – Best for Value Added Resellers (VARs) & System Integrators (SIs)

ServicePath CPQ Software Vendors Screenshot
Adaptable to changing market dynamics and complex configurations.

ServicePath provides a comprehensive CPQ platform that facilitates smooth quotation processes and enhances configuration management, primarily geared towards IT and technology sectors. Significantly, its dedication to creating intuitive solutions for VARs and SIs establishes it as a critical tool that simplifies complex sales ecosystems.

Why I Picked ServicePath:

I selected ServicePath for its in-depth alignment and functionality catering to the unique demands of VARs and SIs. In my evaluation, ServicePath demonstrated a nuanced understanding of the specific hurdles and challenges faced by these entities, offering solutions that seamlessly navigate through the intricacies of their transactional and configuration requirements. In a space where customization and precise quotation are paramount, ServicePath excels by offering a platform that is not merely a CPQ tool but a specialized solution for VARs and SIs.

Standout Features & Integrations:

ServicePath stands out with its capability to manage both simple and complex quotes, ensuring that VARs and SIs can address varied client needs with accuracy and efficiency. Moreover, its robust approval workflows and financial modeling provide firms with the needed control and insight to navigate through deal pricing and profitability management.

The tool integrates effectively with prominent CRM and ERP systems, facilitating smooth data flow and reducing the redundancy of data entry between platforms. These integrations not only bolster data accuracy but also enhance the overall cohesiveness of the sales and operational processes by ensuring that crucial data permeates through all relevant departments.


Pricing upon request.


  • Requirements Wizards for customer needs
  • Good logic flow of process
  • Detailed cost to service modeling
  • Quick product change requests


  • No 2D/3D modeling of products
  • No built-in ecommerce
  • Tailored more for IT Service Providers

5. Armatic Sales QTC – Best for eSign automation across the sales cycle 

Armatic Sales QTC CPQ Software Vendors Screenshot
Track successful esignature quotes and average time to sign.

Armatic Sales QTC is notably distinguished for its robust capabilities in managing and automating the quote-to-cash process. The tool shines in elevating eSign automation across various stages of the sales cycle, ensuring rapid and secure document signings and transactions.

Why I Picked Armatic Sales QTC:

I selected Armatic Sales QTC because of its powerful eSign automation, which stood out significantly during my comparison of various CPQ software. The tool’s focus on streamlining and securing the entire document signing process, while also ensuring legal compliance and accelerating deal closures, defines its specialty. It rightfully earns its place as “best for” due to its nuanced, secure, and efficient approach to eSign automation throughout the sales cycle.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Armatic Sales QTC employs a well-rounded eSign functionality that is capable of handling various document types, enabling users to efficiently manage and send documents for electronic signatures. Additionally, the tool’s automated follow-up feature for pending documents not only ensures timely closures but also minimizes manual tracking efforts by sales teams.

For integrations, Armatic demonstrates its flexibility by smoothly connecting with various CRM, ERP, and accounting software, thus ensuring data consistency and enabling seamless data flow across different business operations. The integrations also facilitate smoother transitions between different stages of the sales cycle, from quote creation to the final transaction.


Pricing upon request.


  • Native ecommerce functionality
  • Self-service portal
  • Supports subscription-based businesses
  • Small business friendly


  • No 2D/3D product modeling
  • Proposal to eSign exclusive to higher tiers
  • Hefty additional-user cost

6. Zimit Services CPQ – Best for quoting professional services, managed services, subscriptions and XaaS.

Zimit Services CPQ Software Vendors Screenshot
Easily add software, professional services, managed services, and more to your quote.

Zimit Services CPQ proves itself to be a robust tool in enabling streamlined quoting for various service modalities, such as professional services, managed services, and everything “as a Service” (XaaS). The software serves a specific niche by focusing on these areas, ensuring precision and efficiency in creating and managing quotes for service-based offerings.

Why I Picked Zimit Services CPQ:

I chose Zimit for its tailored functionality specifically addressing the challenges found in quoting services and subscription models. Its notable capacity to create accurate, rapid quotes for a range of service-oriented offerings distinguishes it from alternatives, providing a specific toolset that directly aligns with the nuanced requirements of service quoting. The pronounced emphasis on versatility across professional services, managed services, subscriptions, and XaaS underpins its standing as the optimal choice for these distinct quoting needs.

Standout Features & Integrations:

A pivotal feature of Zimit is its Guided Selling, which directly supports sales teams by enabling them to swiftly and accurately generate quotes even in the absence of technical expertise. This feature, paired with Intelligent Pricing, which leverages AI to ensure optimal, dynamic pricing across various service offerings, emphasizes Zimit’s capacity to balance both speed and precision in quoting. Furthermore, Zimit’s robust integration capabilities with CRM and Professional Services Automation (PSA) tools facilitate seamless data flow, ensuring consistency and reliability across the entire quote-to-cash process.


Pricing upon request.


  • Pricing and cost calculations
  • Robust quote analytics and forecasting
  • Easily tie-in additional services post-sale


  • Web-based only, no install option
  • Smaller online presence for community and support

7. Cincom – Best for international customer experience, with multi-language document printing

Cincom CPQ Software Vendors Screenshot
Print sales offer and order documents in your customer’s regional language.

Cincom provides a versatile CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) system, focusing on enhancing customer experiences across various international markets. Notably, it enables users to generate documents in multiple languages, ensuring that businesses can cater to a diverse, global clientele with ease and precision.

Why I Picked Cincom:

I selected Cincom explicitly for its proficiency in managing international customer experiences, particularly via its multi-language document printing capability. In the midst of evaluating various tools, Cincom stood out by effectively bridging linguistic gaps, enabling businesses to communicate and transact seamlessly across borders. Its prowess in ensuring that businesses can engage and transact with international clientele in a myriad of languages underscores its potency in the realm of global customer experience.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Cincom exhibits a remarkable ability to automate the sales process, not just in a single language, but multiple, ensuring a coherent and error-free customer experience across different geographical locales. Another pivotal feature is its intricate pricing and quoting configurations, which adapt dynamically to various currencies and regional financial norms, offering businesses a vast, yet precise operational canvas.

The tool boasts critical integrations with major ERP and CRM systems, facilitating a symbiotic data flow across different organizational domains. Furthermore, its compatibility with numerous e-commerce platforms ensures that businesses can maintain consistency in pricing, quoting, and product configurations across both direct and indirect sales channels.


Pricing upon request.


  • Good business information capturing
  • Easily customizable data fields
  • Supports different languages and countries
  • Fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365


  • Good business information capturing
  • Easily customizable data fields
  • Supports different languages and countries
  • Fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365

8. Expedite Commerce – Best for B2B manufacturers & distributors of electronics & chemicals

Expedite Commerce CPQ Software Vendors Screenshot
Sales process tools are fine-tuned to specialized mechanics.

Expedite Commerce positions itself as a potent CPQ (configure, price, quote) solution, especially for B2B manufacturers and distributors in the electronics and chemicals sectors, offering a coherent, streamlined platform for managing and optimizing the sales process from configuration to payment. This tool weaves together functionality and specialized features, ensuring that businesses operating within these niches experience precision, compliance, and efficiency in their quoting processes.

Why I Picked Expedite Commerce:

In the plethora of CPQ solutions I sifted through, Expedite Commerce stood out and I selected it primarily for its adept alignment with the specific needs and challenges encountered by B2B manufacturers and distributors in the delineated sectors. The tool demonstrates a unique understanding of the intricacies and specificity needed when dealing with electronics and chemicals, offering features that are tailored to navigate through the complexities of these industries. This alignment is critical and marks Expedite Commerce as best suited for B2B manufacturers and distributors dealing with electronics and chemicals.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Expedite Commerce boasts a robust CPQ functionality that supports intricate product configurations, multichannel selling, and complex pricing models, thereby enhancing accuracy and reducing the sales cycle time. Moreover, the tool’s e-commerce capabilities empower businesses to manage online sales and customer interactions efficiently, providing a comprehensive platform that seamlessly merges front and back-office operations.

In terms of integrations, Expedite Commerce provides vital connectivity with various CRM, ERP, and E-commerce platforms, enabling businesses to maintain data consistency and streamline workflows across their entire operational structure. These integrations facilitate the effortless flow of data between systems, ensuring that the CPQ process is informed by real-time data from every pertinent department and platform.


Pricing for Expedite Commerce begins from $100/user/month, offering a competitive starting point, while ensuring a comprehensive suite of features that cater to the complexity of B2B sales within the specified sectors. Further financial details and tier benefits are available, ensuring potential users can find a plan that resonates with their specific operational and financial frameworks.


  • 2D/3D product modeling
  • Supports renewal management
  • Highly flexible and intuitive


  • No free trial
  • Geared towards made and assembled-to-order products instead of engineered-to-order products

9. Experlogix CPQ – Best for guided selling, like make-to-order automation

Experlogix Experlogix CPQ Software Vendors Screenshot
Empower customers to build product variations without sales reps and streamline quick quotes.

Experlogix CPQ has established itself as a reliable platform in simplifying and automating complex product and service quoting processes. It particularly excels in its guided selling capabilities, allowing sales teams to navigate through intricate, make-to-order scenarios with intuitive automation and a user-friendly interface.

Why I Picked Experlogix CPQ:

I selected Experlogix CPQ chiefly due to its distinct capabilities in guided selling and make-to-order automation, ensuring sales teams can accurately and efficiently navigate complex configuration and pricing scenarios. It demonstrates a robust capability to seamlessly guide users through a streamlined selling and ordering process, effectively handling myriad configurations with ease. Its exceptional make-to-order automation is what truly validates it as a stellar choice for businesses that regularly contend with elaborate, custom-order requirements.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Experlogix CPQ brings to the table a visual configurator, which enables users to visually validate all product selections in real-time, aiding both the accuracy and specificity of every configuration. Furthermore, its rules engine is adept at managing even the most complex pricing and product scenarios, ensuring every quote and order is in compliance with organizational guidelines. The platform supports 2D and 3D visualizations, which not only enhance user experience but also minimize order errors by providing a tangible, visual confirmation of configurations before order submission.

As for integrations, Experlogix CPQ flexibly merges with multiple CRM and ERP systems, including Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, and NAV, facilitating a smoother, unified user experience and eliminating redundant data management. This integration capability ensures data consistency and accuracy across all platforms and enhances the overall efficiency of both the sales and production processes.


Pricing upon request.


  • Rules and formulas are very robust
  • Excellent integration with MS Dynamics 365
  • No-code configurations through design center
  • Great use of Gmail integration for status updates


  • No renewal management
  • Occasional metadata errors

10. Qmaze CPQ – Best for accurate quotes in a customer self-service environment

Qmaze CPQ Software Vendors Screenshot
Load 2D and 3D real-time graphics to visualize and animate a product.

Qmaze CPQ specializes in delivering meticulous and rapid quoting solutions, particularly flourishing in environments where customer self-service is prevalent. Its adeptness in providing swift, precise, and customizable quoting solutions empowers customers to independently generate accurate quotes, making it exceptionally suited for a self-service context.

Why I Picked Qmaze CPQ:

I picked Qmaze CPQ because it effectively marries accuracy and user-friendliness in a self-service scenario. My selection leaned on its proven capability to provide customers with a straightforward, intuitive platform where they can reliably generate their quotes, without compromising the intricate variables that ensure pricing accuracy. This unequivocally supported my judgement that Qmaze CPQ excels when accurate quotes are paramount in a customer self-service environment.

Standout Features & Integrations:

A notable feature of Qmaze CPQ is its online 3D configuration, which allows customers to visualize products in real-time as they configure their specifications, ensuring clarity and certainty in what they are ordering. Additionally, it provides a dynamic environment where rules and parameters ensure that customers, even in their autonomy, generate quotes that are technically viable and financially accurate.

In terms of integrations, Qmaze CPQ synchronizes smoothly with various ERP systems, ensuring the back-end of the quoting process is consistent with inventory and production capabilities. Moreover, it integrates seamlessly with CRM systems, thereby ensuring that customer data and interactions are consistently recorded and utilized for further personalization and enhancement of the customer journey.


Pricing upon request


  • Supports also different 3D systems and API’s
  • Rule-based configuration
  • Multiple languages and currencies
  • Accurate price calculation on options


  • Slow-loading reports
  • Dated-looking UI

Other Quoting Software Options

Here are a few more that didn’t make the top list. If you need additional suggestions for handy quotation software, check these out.

  1. SAP Sales Cloud (was CallidusCloud) – Best sales vehicle for enterprise resource planning (ERP).
  2. Tacton – Best for CPQ with visual configurations and an augmented reality (AR) app for your product portfolio. 
  3. eRep CPQ – Best for consistent pricing and discount rules without manual data entry.
  4. In Mind Cloud – Best for customer and supplier insights to optimize the buying experience.
  5. 3D CPQ Solutions – Best for complex business rules, no matter the deal size.
  6. PandaDoc – Best for out-of-the-box integrations with more than a dozen CRM platforms.
  7. Configure One – Best for a large or complicated product catalog.
  8. CIS Configurator – Best for software solutions for complex products with many options.
  9. Technicon – Best for leveraging customer preferences from your CRM to quick-start quotes.
  10. DealHub CPQ – Best for creating quotes in any format, like a web page, link, pdf, Word, or Excel.
  11. Apttus CPQ – Best for applying artificial intelligence (AI) to revenue generation and management of commercial relationships.
  12. Axonom PowerTrak – Best for self-service augmented reality or virtual reality product building.
  13. Verenia – Best for dynamically generated BOMs and routings.
  14. Cincom CPQ – Best for the sales of financial services, like banking and insurance.
  15. ConnectWise Sell – Best for built-in notifications when the client is interacting with the quote or proposal.
  16. QuoteWerks – Best for the cash process (Quote-To-Cash) sales management.
  17. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales – Best for those already using Microsoft’s business management software.
  18. Verenia for NetSuite – Best (only) native NetSuite CPQ sales tool.

Configure Price Quote Solutions FAQs

You might have some questions before developing a price quote. This handy FAQ should help you get started.

What Is CPQ?

CPQ stands for “configure, price, quote”, used most often in the B2B and construction industry to describe processes that involve selling and/or quoting complex and configurable products.

What Does “Configure” Mean in CPQ?

CPQ stands for “configure, price, quote”…but what exactly does “configure” mean here? “Configure” refers to the need for combining components and parts to create an accurate product for the customer’s situation. Therefore, you are “configuring” the complex solution to best meet their needs. 

What Is a CPQ Software?

CPW software is a digital tool used to assist buyers and sellers with automating parts of the quoting and pricing systems of their business operations. CPQ software might keep detailed lists of prices, discounts, and exceptions; assist with providing faster quotes; help to make adjustments on products and visualize the results, and keep a database of client contacts.

CPQ System Software Comparison Criteria

Through rigorous analysis and comparison, I will unpack the crucial components that stand at the forefront when selecting an apt CPQ system software.

Core Functionality

  • Quote Creation: Ability to formulate, modify, and distribute quotes efficiently
  • Pricing Configuration: Dynamic pricing adjustment based on various variables and scenarios
  • Product Configuration: Crafting customizable product configurations with rule-based guidance
  • Approval Workflows: Streamlining of approval processes with predefined workflows
  • Document Generation: Robust capabilities to generate detailed, customized documents from quotes
  • Order Management: Facilitation of order processes from quote approval through to fulfillment

Key Features

  • Integration Capabilities: Allows seamless data flow between CPQ software and other enterprise tools such as CRM, ERP, and more
  • Mobility: Provides access and functionality across devices, ensuring users can utilize the tool anywhere
  • AI and Automation: Utilizes artificial intelligence to automate and enhance processes, such as guided selling or optimal pricing suggestions
  • Security and Compliance: Ensures data security and adherence to regulatory compliance within all transactions and data handling
  • Analytics and Reporting: Offers robust analytical tools to dissect, visualize, and report on data stemming from the CPQ processes
  • Multi-language and Multi-currency Support: Facilitates global operations with support for multiple languages and currencies


  • Intuitive User Interface: A clean, logical user interface, providing straightforward navigation and functionality access, ensuring users can operate the tool with minimal friction
  • Customer Support: Availability of prompt, reliable customer support, ensuring users can resolve issues and gain insights efficiently
  • Onboarding and Training: Offering comprehensive onboarding programs and continuous training resources, ensuring users can extract maximal benefit from the tool
  • Customization and Adaptability: The system should adapt to specific organizational workflows and allow user-driven customization in processes and interfaces
  • Collaborative Capabilities: Enabling users to collaborate within the tool, ensuring coherent, streamlined communication and operation across functions

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Navigating through the abundant options of CPQ software to pinpoint the one that seamlessly aligns with your business needs entails an intricate exploration of their respective functionalities, features, usability, and pricing structures. The exploration through the landscape of CPQ software, such as Qmaze CPQ, brings to light essential aspects that businesses, especially those prioritizing customer self-service environments, should consider.

Key Takeaways

  1. Customer Autonomy and Accuracy: Ensuring that the CPQ software allows customers the autonomy to generate their quotes while maintaining the integrity and accuracy of pricing is crucial. Choose a system that embeds a robust rule engine to validate configurations and ensure that user-generated quotes adhere to technical and financial parameters.
  2. Integration Capability: Evaluate the integrability of the CPQ software with your existing CRM and ERP systems. Seamless synchronization between customer data, inventory, and production capabilities ensures a streamlined operation, from quote generation through to product delivery.
  3. User Experience and Visualization: A CPQ system should not only be intuitive for end-users but also provide visual confirmation of configurations. Systems that employ 3D configuration visualization assure customers of their product choices and can enhance confidence in their purchases, thereby improving overall user experience and satisfaction.

What Sales Quote Software And CPQ Tools Do You Recommend?

The quoting process has a lot more moving parts than the business processes of old. With the CPQ tools I’ve covered, you can directly connect your sales channels to your CRM systems so you’re leveraging your customer experience database to produce an error-free and faster sales cycle. You can also access and use more previous data in order to make more accurate quotes.

Have you tried out any of the quotation tools listed above? What quote tool do you prefer and why? Let me know in the comments.

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