The 10 Best CPQ Software To Automate Your Proposal Process

This article will help you quickly compare and evaluate the best quote software and other CPQ tools.

Configure, price, quote software—or, CPQ software—is exactly what the name sounds like: a digital system to assist with pricing and sales quoting. Getting the best quote engine will amplify the process. If you have ever wondered how to set up a quote, using CPQ software can make finding an answer much easier for you.

10 Essential CPQ Software Tools

Make developing and delivering a complex quote easy with any of these CPQ tools. 

The Best CPQ Solutions List

Here’s a shortlist of the best CPQ tools:

  1. Oracle CPQ Cloud
  2. Salesforce CPQ
  3. Infor Cloud CPQ
  4. Service Path
  5. Armatic Sales QTC
  6. Zimit Services CPQ
  7. Cincom
  8. Expedite Commerce
  9. Experlogix CPQ
  10. Qmaze CPQ

Configure Price Quote Solutions FAQ

You might have some questions before developing a price quote. This handy FAQ should help you get started.

What Is CPQ?

CPQ stands for “configure, price, quote”, used most often in the B2B and construction industry to describe processes that involve selling and/or quoting complex and configurable products.

What Does “Configure” Mean in CPQ?

CPQ stands for “configure, price, quote”…but what exactly does “configure” mean here? “Configure” refers to the need for combining components and parts to create an accurate product for the customer’s situation. Therefore, you are “configuring” the complex solution to best meet their needs. 

What Is CPQ Software?

CPW software is a digital tool used to assist buyers and sellers with automating parts of the quoting and pricing systems of their business operations. CPQ software might keep detailed lists of prices, discounts, and exceptions; assist with providing faster quotes; help to make adjustments on products and visualize the results, and keep a database of client contacts.

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Overviews Of The 10 Best CPQ System Software

Here’s a brief description of each of the quotation management software that is featured on this top 10 list. 

1. Oracle CPQ Cloud – Oracle CPQ helps users create orders and prioritize deals with the “Opportunities” tab, thus letting them hone in on high-impact customers.

oracle cpq cloud screenshot
Quickly search for contacts in a customizable digital database. 

2. Salesforce CPQ – Automate CPQ with Salesforce, which helps you build easy and accurate quotes, generate cleaner proposals, and streamline billing.

salesforce cpq software screenshot
Edit quotes with ease for a fast turnaround with consistent pricing information.

3. Infor Cloud CPQ – A product configuration engine with comprehensive quoting and ordering tools, automated documentation, and CRM. 

infor cloud cpq screenshot
Use the dashboard tool for quick visualization of sales and quote related data.  

4. ServicePath – Automated workflows for CPQ with fast quoting tools, price accuracy, margin outlines, and unit costs, and requirement visibility. 

servicepath cpq software screenshot
Use the quote engine to quickly create a professional proposal document. 

5. Armatic Sales QTC – A robust CPQ solution with quote-to-payment processing tools including eSign and workflow automation. 

armatic sales qtc screenshot
Track top sales representatives, the average time to sign, and more.  

6. Zimit Services CPQ – Selling services including solution catalogs, guided selling, price modeling, support for bundled solutions, and quote analytics.

zimit services cpq software screenshot
Use the People Forecast Summary to track staff requirements, utilization, and rates.

7. Cincom – Select and customize products, view real-time pricing for every possible configuration of the product and generate quotes as needed. 

cincom cpq software screenshot
Data lists and visualizations for everything from the value of a sale to individual customer worth. 

8. Expedite Commerce – Quote-to-cash, CPQ, billing and eCommerce software, third-party fulfillment, automated payments, and CRM tools. 

expedite commerce software screenshot
Customizable products take shape through easy to use eCommerce tools. 

9. Experlogix CPQ – CPQ solutions for complex quoting and pricing, connecting compatibility to CRM and ERP tools, and data visualization.  

experlogix cpq software screenshot
Empower customers to build product variations that suit their needs and generate quick quotes. 

10. Qmaze CPQ – A multilingual product configurator with tools for CMS, a webshop, quotation automation via logical questionnaire, and CRM solutions.

qmaze cpq software screenshot
Ecommerce, pricing, quoting, and customization for fast and intuitive pricing feedback.  

Other Quoting Software Options

Here’s a few more that didn’t make the top list. If you need additional suggestions for handy quotation software, check these out.

  • SAP Sales Cloud (was CallidusCloud) – CPQ tools with configuration and quoting processes, pricing calculations and recommendations, and commerce solutions. 
  • Tacton – Automate the sales engineering process with this cloud-based CPQ with visual configurations and an augmented reality (AR) app for your product portfolio. 
  • eRep CPQ – This CPQ software helps to store consistent pricing and discount rules, eliminate manual data entry, and create custom proposals and submittals.
  • In Mind Cloud – CRM and CPQ with sales management and optimization, opportunity prioritization, productivity analysis solutions, and customer and supplier insights. 
  • 3D CPQ Solutions – CPQ and eCommerce with the ability to handle complex business rules, visualization, real-time pricing, CAD automation, and website embedding.
  • PandaDoc – CPQ with out-of-the-box integrations with more than a dozen CRM platforms, one-click quote generation, view long-term trends, and visualization tools.
  • Configure One – An enterprise CPQ platform with live visualizations of product options, automated pricing, personalized quote documents, and spec sheets.
  • CIS Configurator – Quickly configure, price and quote, complex products with many options, a centralized area for all quoting and rules, and localization/language options.
  • Technicon – Leverage customer data and preferences from your CRM system to quick start quotes, guided product selection and configuration, and design automation. 
  • DealHub CPQ – Create quotes in any format you need, like a web page, link, pdf, Word, or Excel, and automatic data sync with your CRM.
  • Apttus – Quote-to-Cash solutions automate, optimize, and apply AI to revenue generation and management of commercial relationships.
  • Axonom – Empower sales and customers to build make-to-order products with a drag-and-drop, 2D or 3D product configurator or augmented reality or virtual reality.
  • Verenia – Build and customize products through dynamically generated BOMs and routings, real-time pricing adjustments, and quotes for configured products.

What Do You Think About These Sales Quote Software?

Have you tried out any of the quotation tools listed above? What quote tool do you prefer and why? 

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