Mobile Office Made For Construction Project Managers

Working From a Site ‘Shack’ or from a More Traditional Setting?

Being a construction project manager can involve working long hours and spending time away from home. Usually, on-site workspaces are not comfortable but now construction project managers can work from mobile offices that are weather-resistant and fit-for-purpose

Working at headquarters or at the mobile office?

Often, it depends on the project manager’s style of management. Some prefer to assign the right person for each job, while others opt for a more hands-on approach. It also depends on the organization the project manager is working for. Some define a minimum number of hours the project manager must be on-site to ensure the plan is being followed. 

The mobile office or ‘shack’ 

Now, thanks to the efforts of Power Construction, project managers can take their home to the road.  Known as site shacks, these premade mobile offices can be easily dropped on job sites. Unlike pre-fab products, which require assembly, these site shacks are sent fully constructed. 

Mobile office being delivered to a construction site
A mobile office is delivered to a construction site.

Weather-resistant mobile corporate office 

On the outside, the site shack has a gritty, distressed look. It’s made of corten steel and features a pitched roof for easier transportation. Originally built in Vancouver, BC the structure withstands the wear and tear of both the job site and the northern climate. 

Patrick Powers, the owner of the company, says that Project managers and designers love the rusted steel look of the mobile office design.

‘I love the patina that comes along with it. It blends in’ Project manager and designer, Ryan Arceneaux, says. He describes the build as ‘extremely tight and clean’

Designed for the comfort of project managers 

Indeed, the interior has all the key features of coziness. A stove made from rolled steel sits in the corner of the shack, providing heat and a place to cook. The fir and plywood frame brightens up the area and, with the burning stove, creates a lovely amber hue. 

The original mobile office was custom build for a project, then they moved it into the forest to serve as a staff getaway. Powers and Arceneaux consider it a prototype for a semi-customizable workspace they’re building for project managers on an on-demand basis.

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