Global Businesses Deploy eRS Cloud To Streamline Resource Scheduling Process And Maximise Utilization

A renowned automobile company was struggling to optimize the utilization of its business resources. With 15,000+ employees responsible for different functions like designing, testing, and developing automobiles, spread across several 20 countries; there were cases where the resources were being overburdened, while many others were under-utilised. 

Using eResource Scheduler Cloud (eRS Cloud), the global automobile company has been able to manage & schedule its remote teams in a much more efficient manner.

After an initial consultation with the automobile company, we understood that managers lacked visibility of resources and their expertise because they are spread across the globe. After the implementation of eRS Cloud, it only took a few weeks for the organisation to witness positive changes in how the resources were identified, scheduled, and managed. Projects were properly resourced and resources were properly utilized” says Rudraksh Vyas, the CEO of Enbraun, an India-based software product and services company that has developed eRS Cloud. 

This scenario is not uncommon. With companies now spread across geographical borders and team members working from different parts of the world, resource management has become an area of concern for organizations of all types and sizes. Such organisations are now turning to eRS Cloud.

eRS Cloud is a cloud-based enterprise resource management and scheduling solution that is being used by several businesses to streamline their process of scheduling resources across teams and locations. The primary objective of the software is to help organisations effectively profile, identify, and schedule resources as per the timeline, budget, and needs of a project. 

eRS Scheduling Chart Screenshot
Resource Scheduling Chart in eRS Cloud

eRS Cloud is our flagship product that is already being used by several Fortune 500 companies across the world. The cloud-based solution is one of the most effective and affordable ways for businesses to manage their human and non-human resources no matter where they are located.”, Rudraksh explains.

When business resources are spread across multiple teams, departments, locations, and organizations are working on numerous projects simultaneously, it can be very challenging to ensure that the right resources are available at the right time. This risks project delays and loss of income. 

eRS Cloud is designed with such pain points in mind to make sure that managers can rely upon the software for every aspect of their resource management process. 

eRS Utilization Report by Resource Graph Screenshot
Utilisation Report by Resource- Graph

eRS Cloud also comes with many advanced reporting features to add more transparency to the overall project management strategy. Be it sticking to a schedule, measuring progress, calculating financials, or even making hiring plans based on utilization and availability reports, the configurable reporting features help organizations in innumerable ways. 

Moreover, the reports are updated in real-time so every user has access to the latest details at all times. Email notifications are sent as soon as any changes are made, so every team member has access to the latest information at all times. 

Also, problems like projects going over budget and delays are getting increasingly common across matrix organizations. Inefficient management of resources is often the primary cause of such outcomes. With eRS Cloud, businesses can efficiently schedule resources, capture project progress, and make timely decisions to accelerate project completion within required time-frame” concludes Rudraksh. 

eRS Dashboard Screenshot
 eRS Dashboard

Enbraun also regularly updates eRS Cloud to help the software meet the growing needs of businesses all over the world. For instance, the software recently added an Email Notification feature to instantly notify resources through email if there are any changes made to their schedules or allocations. 

Now there is also a Project Progress Reporting feature, so all the team members can update the status of their assignments with a simple slider. The latest addition to eRS Cloud is Project and Resource Financials, which allows managers to define cost and billing rates at different levels (roles, resources, and projects) and accurately calculate the cost, profit, and revenue at all levels of the organization.  

Enbraun aims to continue adding several such advanced features in the future, to enable global teams to function better.

Industry experts say that eRS Cloud is an ideal enterprise resource management solution for every business irrespective of their size or industry. Complete package with features like custom fields & forms to capture resource and project information, drag n drop scheduling, configurable utilization & availability report, progress reporting, financial module make it ideal for maximizing resource utilization having a positive impact on organization’s bottom-line. 

Organisations looking to streamline their business process, resources, and teams can visit to know more about the software solution or simply sign up for their free product demo.

About Enbraun

Founded by Rudraksh Vyas (PMP, MBA, MES, B.Com), Enbraun is a reputed software product and services company based out of India. The company caters to an extensive range of global businesses spread across more than 5 continents and 18 countries. 

eRS, the flagship product of Enbraun, is aimed at helping companies to streamline their resource management process. The company offers a wide range of other products and services, including IT Consultancy, Google AdWords Management, IT Consultancy, Custom Software Development, Website Development, and more. 

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