PMI Finds Project Management Jobs Growing with AI [Interview]

Q&A with PMI Vice President Mike DePrisco

This month PMI released the latest Pulse Report, AI @ Work detailing the influence of artificial intelligence in project management.

We talked with Vice President of Global Solutions, Mike DePrisco, to learn his insights and opinions on how AI is changing the world of project management and how PMs can stay competitive in this quickly developing world.

How has AI personally changed work life for you?

“We’ve already seen AI impact the workplace. We’re starting to see more professionals leverage it to streamline and automate their work.

AI and associated technologies are real, they are no longer a thing of the future. Specifically at PMI,

AI has required us to revamp and rethink our data analytics, customer care systems, new digital offerings, and much more.

Mike DePrisco

PMI, like other companies, is becoming more responsive to the needs of the market and our stakeholders when introducing these new technologies.”

What type of AI software has your company implemented?

“At PMI, we are exploring all types of AI – from chatbots to voice recognition – because we know that forward-thinking organizations are focused on connecting strategy and execution and using technology to help.

We are building offerings that incorporate recommendation engines to help our stakeholders personalize and customize their professional learning journey

Mike DePrisco

and we recently announced the launch of our Alexa Skill, where Alexa users can ask questions about PMI, contact us, and learn about our certification programs.”

What is the one AI software that you recommend all project managers use?

“There isn’t a one-size-fits-all model when it comes to AI. The types of technology a project manager deploys is dependent on the specific goals of the project or organization. However, there are certain technologies that are already being leveraged by project managers to enhance their work.

In our recent Pulse report, AI @ Work, respondents identified several AI technologies that they say increase the overall quality of their project work including:

  • anti-bias solutions
  • expert systems
  • knowledge-based systems”

With more time for strategic thinking and high-level planning, how do you see the playing field changing? In your opinion, what is the worst repercussion of this? What is the best?

“Our research found AI innovators are more likely to report AI is decreasing time spent on activities like monitoring progress, managing documentation, and activity and resource planning. This frees up valuable time to focus on creative and critical thinking, manage change, and influence and lead people.

It can also result in less repetitive work and higher levels of engagement. While the role may be more important and gratifying than it’s ever been, it’s also more complex and challenging. “

PMs are being called on to be a “Jack of all trades” who can troubleshoot at any time for any project.

Mike DePrisco

For the percentage that believes AI will increase jobs for PMs, what is the main type of job that you foresee being created in the future?

“The one that comes to mind immediately is management of digital transformation. So many companies have already undergone transformations internally, but some still need to get over the hump.

Transformations are hard work, and companies need individuals with universal skillsets to manage these massive change initiatives.

This is where PMs with experience in disruptive technologies can leverage their skills to help their organizations realize the value they are aiming to achieve.”

What is your best advice for current PMs on how to become competitive in their field, and ensure they keep their jobs as AI continues to develop?

Be agile, adaptable and curious as much as possible.

Mike DePrisco

Respondents in our latest Pulse report say that AI will lead to many new project management jobs over the next few years and project managers need to be experienced in these technologies to keep themselves competitive.

Using AI to its full potential requires building and constantly refreshing knowledge of emerging technologies.”

Having an agile and learning mindset will allow project managers to become comfortable with this continuous change.

Mike DePrisco

Aside from taking less time, how do you foresee the ways that PMs analyze data changing in the future as AI becomes more prevalent?

“It’s not just about taking less time, it’s about delivering more value.

As IoT widens and the amount of accessible data continues to grow, PMs will lean on AI to – yes, streamline the time it takes to identify the right data points – but even more so,

it allows them to more readily identify relevant trends to inform their project strategies, which directly enhances project outcomes.

Mike DePrisco

Implications of AI on PM Jobs

The Pulse Report, AI @ Work explains that although PM jobs are changing due to AI, they are not decreasing. If anything, it seems that they are increasing, with 27% of PMs reporting that PM jobs will increase in the next three years due to AI compared to 14% who believe the opposite. The explanation for this is that while admin tasks can be offloaded to AI software, human intelligence is still necessary for leadership and strategic thinking. Similarly, human PMs are necessary for managing AI software and ensuring that it’s working properly.

The report also outlined that data analysis is the AI software that has the biggest impact on project management, allowing PMs to save time and devote their efforts to more strategic and complex tasks.

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