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Celebrate 10 Years Of The Lazy Project Manager With A Free Book Download

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Peter has received global success in the project management world with The Lazy Project Manager and its insights on how to increase productivity while decreasing work hours.

Inspired by Italian Economists, Monty Python, Field Marshalls in the Prussian army and dinosaurs, the book has become a project management classic and in the last 10 years has been recognized for its ground-breaking work incorporating humour, brevity and honesty and has sold in its thousands around the world.

Peter Taylor, the unashamedly Lazy Project Manager and number one best-selling author of The Lazy Project Manager book announced this week that his book will be free worldwide on Amazon/Kindle until the end of September in celebration of the 10 year anniversary.

An expert in project management, Peter travels the world presenting on the topic and educating individuals and organizations on how to achieve work-life balance all the while ‘working smarter and not harder’. He has been named ‘perhaps the most entertaining and inspiring speaker in the project management world today’. 

Peter Taylor is probably best known as a conference and corporate speaker and the author of two best-selling books on productive laziness, as well as 17 other titles.

Why Read The Lazy Project Manager?

The Lazy Project Manager is a great project management book for anyone who wants to manage projects more efficiently and effectively.

Here’s a brief overview of what project managers can expect to learn from The Lazy Project Manager:

  • How to double productivity by following a focused approach at work and in life
  • Simply techniques on working effectively and achieving work-life balance
  • How to work smarter by focusing project management  and conserving/exerting effort where necessary
  • Why productive lazy people have an advantage over their peers

Our Favorite Quotes from The Lazy Project Manager

“It’s no good just being lazy; you have to be better than lazy, you have to be lazy in a very smart way.”

Peter Taylor

“…To appreciate that out of all the things you do during your day, only 20% really matter. Those 20% produce 80% of your results. So you should identify and focus on those things during your working day.”

Peter Taylor

“…there is a project management ‘law’ that says, ‘attempts to get answers early in a project fail as there are many more wrong questions than right ones. Activity during the early stages should be dedicated to finding the correct questions. Once the correct questions have been identified, correct answers will naturally fall out of subsequent work without grief or excitement and there will be understanding of what the project is meant to achieve.”

Peter Taylor

Download your free copy today to get started on your journey to productive laziness! 

More From The Lazy Project Manager

Thoughts from Peter Taylor

In July of 2017 Peter Taylor interviewed with TaskQue and shared some of his insights and secrets of productive laziness. On the topic of major productivity killers in the workplace and how they can be overcome he thought:

Lack of clarity of purpose. How many meetings are there where there is no clear purpose or outcome and it is attended by people who do not contribute in any way?

He followed this with,

Add to that managers who do not motivate their teams results in slow actions, loss of engagement, lack of flexibility and generally not caring about success in the business.

When describing his idea of the perfect project manager he said:

I’m not sure there is such a thing as a perfect project manager but it is certainly someone who cares about their project team as well as the project that they are leading. Projects are about people and so a good project manager knows this and spends time with their team, communicating and listening and helping them

To continue reading his interview with TaskQue click here.

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