Kissflow Launches Collaboration-Centric Project Management Tool For Functional Managers

Makes managing projects simple, with an attractive project board that gives full visibility into tasks & timelines!

Delaware – October 14, 2021: Kissflow, a leader in business process and workflow automation software used by organizations in over 160 countries, today announced the launch of an elegant project management offering: Kissflow Project.

Kissflow Main Project Dashboard

Kissflow Project is for teams in high-performance companies to manage all kinds of internal projects with ease. With Kissflow Project, managers can actively start managing projects without the need for any formal training in project management. It lets them drop rules and rituals for movement and agility with a simple, intuitive, and flexible tool that is also affordable.

Kissflow Project offers functional managers and their teams a host of benefits, currently unavailable in the market:

  • Can be used without a steep learning curve
  • Allows for centralized team collaboration 
  • Available at an affordable price point of $7 per user
  • Powerful reporting capabilities
  • Can be scaled as you grow
Kissflow Sequencing Number in the table

“A surprising fact is that only 25% of organizations (1-in-4) use project management software. The rest are still using spreadsheets, paper, and a set of separate tools with little to no integration capabilities. We delved deep into understanding why, and found out that most tools out there are still too complicated for managers. That’s where Kissflow Project comes in – you get to automate several processes, send out reminders, delegate tasks, and perform many other time-consuming tasks in only a few clicks,” says Kausikram Krishnasayee, Director – Product Management, Kissflow.

Some feedback from early users include:

“I’m really enjoying running projects off of a dataset as I would in Airtable. Ramping up the capabilities of the dataset means that I can run multiple projects off the same dataset. I’m throwing a lot at Kissflow Projects right now, and it’s adapting pretty well for me.” 

“The reason I chose Kissflow as a project management tool is because I like the visual representation and the fact that it’s online and accessible on multiple devices.”

About Kissflow:

Kissflow offers pioneering Low-Code & No-Code work management solutions for organisations to manage all of their work on a single platform. Kissflow’s suite of products are used by over 10,000 organizations spread across 160 countries, including more than fifty Fortune 500 companies. G2 Crowd named Kissflow as a leader in the BPM and Workflow category, with a customer satisfaction score of 4.3 out of 5, the highest in the category. To learn more, visit

Media Contact:
Lalitha Yalamanchi
Manager- Corp.Com & PR

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