inMotionNow Announces Merger With Lytho, A Leading Brand And Digital Asset Management Platform

Combination of Creative Workflow and Brand Management Platforms Will Provide Customers Powerful Simplicity to the Creative Content Lifecycle

Raleigh, NC and The Hague, NL – April 7, 2021 – inMotionNow today announced the acquisition of Lytho, a brand management and digital asset management (DAM) platform. Lytho’s advanced digital asset management capabilities, content templating automations, and customizable brand portals complement inMotionNow’s industry leading creative workflow platform, inMotion ignite. Together, inMotionNow and Lytho provide a central and easily managed platform to plan, produce, share, store, and publish content. 

“Content teams are more critical to business success than ever before. That’s why we’ve seen the number of companies in marketing technology explode in recent years. Despite numerous tools in the space, there are still too many unmet needs,” said inMotionNow CEO Douglas Thede. “Most solutions only address a small part of a broader problem. Our expanded focus on the full content lifecycle and commitment to the creative and marketing teams we serve will ensure a compelling, innovative solution that will provide our customers with an easy-to-use solution that combines workflow with distribution.”

Based in North Carolina, inMotionNow is best known for creative and marketing workflow. inMotion ignite empowers teams to automate, collaborate, and standardize content creation processes to help them achieve the best possible outcomes for their brands. inMotionNow has strong market penetration in the U.S, and for more than 20 years has served customers across retail, higher education, consumer packaged goods, insurance, professional sports teams, and more. 

Based in The Hague, Netherlands, Lytho focuses on helping marketing and creative teams tackle the core organizational problems of brand management, asset management, and branded content scalability. Lytho empowers teams to manage, distribute, and measure marketing and creative assets that comply with brand initiatives and campaigns.

In addition, Lytho provides the ability to share and secure interactive brand guidelines, helping to ensure brand accuracy and consistency. Going one step further, Lytho end users can easily modify and personalize branded templated assets – reducing fulfillment bottlenecks, increasing brand consistency, and helping creative teams remain focused on high-value, strategic work.  

Lytho has gained market traction across Europe. The company has employees from 10 different nations, bringing an international perspective and global reach to the newly merged company. Lytho has developed an impressive roster of strategic partnershipsreceived the status of “High Performer 2021” on G2, and counts customers in financial, manufacturing, and automotive industries among others.  

“We are excited to join together with inMotionNow and bring a complementary set of capabilities to marketers throughout the content lifecycle, solving daily challenges for these teams,” said Lytho Co-Founder and CEO Niels Bouwman. “By coming together as one team, we see an extraordinary opportunity to help brands achieve better content outcomes in unprecedented ways.”  

One area the merged company believes an integrated product will add significant and unique value to customers is in performance measurement. The aim is to tackle the feedback loop to inform creatives about the market performance of their work.

In an annual survey that inMotionNow fields with InSource, an association for creatives, found 55% of creatives rarely or never receive quantitative feedback on how well an asset performed with customers and prospects, showing the importance of performance reporting back to the creative. This is an enormous challenge that inMotionNow and Lytho are uniquely positioned to address in integrating the platforms.  

The newly merged company intends to keep all offices open and retain all employees, and continue supporting remote workers across the globe. Further, the company will be hiring to accelerate the product integration.  

Thede concluded, “With our similar cultures, focus on delivering value to content teams, and complementary feature sets, inMotionNow and Lytho are uniquely positioned to be the most versatile platform purposely designed to empower teams to achieve better content outcomes for their brands.”

About inMotionNow, Inc.

inMotionNow is a leading provider of marketing resource management solutions for marketing and creative teams. inMotion ignite, the company’s flagship product, drives alignment, delivery, and accountability among relevant stakeholders to achieve better content outcomes. The application allows project stakeholders to manage, track, and collaboratively review their projects in a centralized online environment.

With a user-friendly interface and dedicated customer experience team, inMotionNow helps creative and marketing teams of every variety automate their workflow and do the work they love. For more information, please visit

About Lytho

Lytho helps brands communicate with their award-winning DAM solution. Lytho streamlines marketing efforts and saves time creating, searching, sharing, and publishing digital content. Be consistent with the Brand Center. Be efficient with the Digital Asset Manager. Be creative with the Create and Publish functionality.

Lytho is the single source from which to manage, create, and publish all marketing content. Thanks to Lytho’s templating functionality for presentations, flyers, brochures, and ads, teams can create consistent on-brand content. Lytho’s intuitive, AI-powered search allows users to easily find what they are looking for and share securely with people inside and outside their organization.

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