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ITIL started as the acronym for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. Its official website was Over 30 years, it went through four versions. Originally released as a series of books, it outlined the best practices for proper IT management and governance, based on different service strategies. It was initially created by an agency of the British government and later sold to a joint venture company known as AXELOS.

In 2019, after about four years without any updates, the ITIL website went offline. We took the time to find out what happened to the website. In memory of the site, we identify the 10 most important articles it published. 

The History of 

ITIL was established in 1989 by the British government’s Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency (CCTA). 

The idea to launch the framework came about when the British government had realized that “the quality of their IT services just wasn’t up to scratch.” Its aim was to create “a more efficient framework and a more financially viable way to use IT resources” (Source).  

The idea at the time the library was established was that IT organizations often overlooked the needs of the client because their main focus was on hardware, software, and other technologies. With this in mind, the main idea behind the library was to ensure that the services delivered by IT organizations focused on the needs of the clients (Source).

Helping Businesses Plan 

In the spirit of ensuring quality IT services management, ITIL outlined a framework that could be used by organizations to accomplish any strategy and deliver value, while maintaining an acceptable level of competence. The structure enabled organizations to develop a guideline from which projects would be formulated, implemented, and measured (Source). 

Along with the ITIL came a whole package of training, consulting, and certification services. All these services were tailored to help businesses plan, manage, and improve their IT operations (Source). 

The Release of ITIL V2

The CCTA changed its name to the Office of Government Commerce (OGC) in 2000. This was also the year that Microsoft adopted ITIL as the foundation for developing its Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF). The MOF is a framework for testing professionals on their ability to ensure reliability, availability, and manageability of IT systems. 

All the changes in 2000 gave birth to ITIL V2, which ITIL said was more accessible to the masses. ITIL was initially released as Version 1 (Source). 

Photo of Microsoft which adopted ITIL in 2000
2000 was the year when Microsoft adopted ITIL as the foundation for developing its Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF).

Release of ITIL V3 and V4  

ITIL Version 3, commonly known as ITIL Refresh Project, was released in 2007. The version featured what ITIL called a user-friendly platform with condensed processes and functions. Later on, in 2011, AXELOS released a revision of ITIL V3, which sorted out some of the problems of V3. Version 4 was introduced in 2019 (Source).  

By the beginning of 2013, the ITIL trademark was owned by AXELOS, a company owned by Capital Plc. (a firm involved in finance and investment services) and the UK’s Cabinet Office (Source). 

The Top 10 Articles Published by

We have identified 10 of the most influential articles ever published by the ITIL website. To select the best items, we identified those that received the most backlinks from other editors and webmasters.

1. What is ITIL

This piece explains the ITIL framework and its applicability to IT services management. Towards the end, it breaks down the benefits of incorporating the the approach in IT services management. 

2. ITIL Foundation

The ITIL Foundation is described in this article as the “entry-level qualification which offers candidates a general awareness of the key elements, concepts, and terminology used in the ITIL Service Lifecycle, including the linkages between Lifecycle stages, the processes used, and their contribution to Service Management practices.” 

3. Accredited Training Organization Listing (ATOs)

This article provides a comprehensive list of Accredited Training Organizations which are licensed to provide ITIL training. The piece also includes information about the accreditation process.

Photo of Workshop at a University
Hundreds of organizations are listed as Accredited Training Organizations that provide ITIL training.

4. ITIL Software Scheme – Operational Pilot Launch

This piece provides details about the OGC’s ITIL Software Scheme – “a new software endorsement scheme which allows software tool vendors to submit their ITIL-based software tools for assessment to a Licensed Software Assessor.” The article further states that vendors would use the Software Scheme to show their compliance with ITIL processes (Source). 

5. New ITIL Managing Across the Lifecycle (MALC) Qualification is Launched

This article announces the completion of the ITIL Managing Across the Lifecycle (MALC) qualification review. According to AXELOS, this qualification “demonstrates that candidates have learned the value of one combined service management practice as opposed to separate subject areas” (Source). 

6. ITIL Practitioner Certification now Available

This is a short announcement informing ITIL users that they could get Practitioner Certification through accredited training organizations. The short piece also tells the reader about how they could customize the ITL framework based on their specific needs. 

7. New Accredited ITIL Exam Institute: TÜV SÜD

The article announces: “TÜV SÜD Akademie, based in Germany, has become an APM Group certified ITIL® Examination Institute.” The APM Group is a global accreditation, certification, and examination body.

The piece cites Richard Pharro, the APM Group CEO, who says, “We’re pleased to recognize TÜV SÜD as an APM Group accredited Examination Institute. Their reputation for delivering high-quality training and examinations will help German-speaking candidates progress through the ITIL V3 Qualification Scheme.”

8. ITIL Software Scheme Report

This is a report about the new software endorsement scheme established by the OGC. The piece gives details about how software vendors could submit their ITIL-based software for assessment. Vendors, whose software was recommended, had the right to use the official Process Compliant ITIL Swirl logo (Source).  

9. Certified Process Design Engineer – Endorsed as Complementary to the ITIL V3 Scheme

This article was an announcement that the Loyalist Certification Services (LCS) had released a new qualification in Process Design. The LCS used to be an examination provider for ITIL Certification exams (Source). 

10. New Accredited ITIL Examination Institute: PEOPLECERT

Published in April 2010, this piece announces the accreditation of PEOPLECERT (a   developing Personnel Certification body from Greece) as an ITIL Examination Institute (Source). 

What then Happened to

When ITIL came under the stewardship of AXELOS in 2014, visitors to the site started being redirected to the AXELOS website. Later on, in November 2019, the link went inactive, and the redirect stopped working.

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