10 Best HVAC Software For Invoicing, Bidding & Scheduling

This article will help you quickly compare and evaluate the best HVAC software, HVAC service tools, and other field service software. Tools that, with the correct use, can make monitoring tech jobs much easier.

HVAC software serves a variety of purposes for the user, including scheduling programs, customer management, dispatch software, and quoting software. HVAC software can cover all of these basic service management items. 

The demand for HVAC technicians has seen a growth of 22% and rising since 2012. In this growing field, much of the HVAC Industry is adapting and using smart technology like sales automation, smartphone apps, mining of big data and analytic information, SEO, widgets, and other online tools. 

In this post, I’ll highlight a few of the best business software tools for the HVAC industry and explain what cloud-based software can do for you in relation to workflow efficiency and accuracy.

The Best HVAC Software List

Here’s a shortlist of the best HVAC industry software:

  1. Loc8
  2. ThermoGRID
  3. Service Fusion
  4. ServiceBox
  5. Vonigo
  6. RazorSync
  7. Wintac
  8. Praxedo
  9. Field Force Tracker
  10. Data-Basics

HVAC Software FAQ

Have some basic questions before you get started? Be sure to read through this FAQ. 

What Is HVAC Software?

HVAC software is used to run different areas of service operations, including scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, marketing, reporting, and other such business tools. The best HVAC software will streamline all of these features, automate where possible, and provide real-time feedback on job status and value.

How Much Does HVAC Software Cost?

HVAC prices vary depending on the scope and features of the software in question. On average, you can expect an HVAC system price to land anywhere between $10/month to $40/month. However, HVAC system pricing can range all the way up to $399/month or more.

HVAC Contractors Software Comparison Criteria

What are we looking for when we review software for HVAC service businesses? Here’s a summary of my evaluation criteria: 

  1. User Interface (UI): HVAC professionals spend most of their time in the field so the interface must be simple enough that it doesn’t detract from their work. If they work from a mobile device, the UI should be optimized as such.
  2. Usability: Is it easy to learn and master? Does the company offer good customer support, user support, tutorials, and training? 
  3. Features & Functionality:
    1. Payment Processing – Does the app accept on-the-spot payments by credit card or integrate with a program that does? 
    2. Inventory management – Is it easy to see a list of available products, where they are, how much they cost, and what’s in use?
    3. Work Order Management – Does the tool assist with the day-to-day data entry of work order management? Does it offer templates, e-approvals, and collaboration features? 
    4. Customer History – Does the tool keep detailed records of all service history? Is the data easy to access, even for a very mobile workforce? Does it employ a permissions system so that office staff only see the customer data relevant to their jobs? 
  4. Integrations: HVAC services often need ready access to things like ERP, CRM, and accounting software — does the tool offer this? Does it easily integrate with QuickBooks online (a common need)?
  5. Value for $: HVAC business owners might have an enterprise-level team or be a company of one. Does the tool offer flexible pricing with scalability suitable for rapid growth? Do they offer a free trial or free demo? Do they offer additional services as an add-on so that HVAC service companies are only paying for what they use?

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Overviews of the Service Management Systems

Here’s a brief description of each of the HVAC software that is featured on this top 10 list. 

1. Loc8 – Best HVAC scheduling software

Loc8 HVAC Software For Invoicing, Bidding & Scheduling Screenshot
Easily parse a complete list of all jobs scheduled to your technicians.


  • Easy to create a job from within the app
  • Easy to download and print documents
  • Free for 2 users 


  • No bulk export of all files, pictures, etc.
  • Mobile app not as functional as desktop 
  • GPS location history limited to paid plans 

2. ThermoGRID – Best HVAC dispatch software

ThermoGRID HVAC Software For Invoicing, Bidding & Scheduling Screenshot
Assign tasks according to role, skill, location, and performance of employees. 


  • Highly customizable schedules and calendars 
  • Great variety of KPI measurements 
  • Responsive customer support team


  • No credit card processing built-in 
  • Level pricing takes some additional set-up 
  • Not built for larger/enterprise companies 

3. Service Fusion – Best HVAC software for small businesses

Service Fusion HVAC Software For Invoicing, Bidding & Scheduling Screenshot
Enjoy a robust feature set with a relatively accessible price point. 


  • Excellent communication with QuickBooks
  • Great dispatching and tracking tools 
  • Automate invoicing immediately after every visit


  • Reporting could be more comprehensive 
  • Mobile app not as functional or customizable as PC version 
  • Timer doesn’t function past midnight so no late shift tracking 

4. ServiceBox – Best HVAC software compatible with QuickBooks

ServiceBox HVAC Software For Invoicing, Bidding & Scheduling Screenshot
Enter recurring work items and track costs and billing with QuickBooks integration.


  • Credit card payments enabled 
  • Seamless accounting integrations 
  • User friendly interface


  • Complex reports require manual intervention
  • Mobile app won’t work offline 
  • Difficult to isolate VIP customers 

5. Vonigo – Best for royalty reporting and collection

Vonigo HVAC Software For Invoicing, Bidding & Scheduling Screenshot
Tap into location-specific pricing and taxes for seamless royalty automation.


  • ZIP-code centric job pricing
  • Strong workflow automation tools 
  • Excellent reporting on a variety of metrics 


  • Better for quote-based than flat-rate pricing
  • Data analysis for calls is limited 

6. RazorSync – Best HVAC sales software for customer experience 

RazorSync HVAC Software For Invoicing, Bidding & Scheduling Screenshot
Customer portals allow for customers to request service and access their records.


  • Easy to attach subcontractors to tickets
  • Easy to add and edit items 
  • Upload service dates/pictures for the client


  • No search function under the schedule page
  • No Purchase Order system
  • Limited permission levels for data access 

7. Wintac by FieldEdge – Best HVAC invoicing software

Wintac HVAC Software For Invoicing, Bidding & Scheduling Screenshot
Lean on smart-invoicing with multi-option quotes and integrated payments.


  • Add tags and alerts to customer profiles 
  • Intuitive, accessible dispatch board 
  • Can track equipment used at various sites


  • Difficult to customize financial reporting 
  • No CMS or marketing functions 
  • Prioritizes invoices over estimates 

8. Praxedo – Best for off-the-shelf ERP and CRM integrations

Praxedo HVAC Software For Invoicing, Bidding & Scheduling Screenshot
Praxedo offers full connectivity through its web services and APIs.


  • Easy to create service reports
  • Robust, flexible form builder
  • Instantaneous access to interventions reports


  • Time consuming to create first page of entry
  • Map module not as intuitive as it could be 
  • Scheduling not editable on mobile app 

9. Field Force Tracker – Best HVAC inventory software

Field Forcer Tracker HVAC Software For Invoicing, Bidding & Scheduling Screenshot
Support single or multiple inventory warehouses, barcoded parts or manually picked.


  • Easy for customers to create service requests 
  • Custom drag-and-drop technician scheduling
  • Job scheduling with mobile tracking


  • Multiple steps to close out jobs
  • Admin features not available on mobile app (only browser) 
  • Data upload is not as intuitive as it could be 

10. Data-Basics – Best HVAC work order software

Data Basics HVAC Software For Invoicing, Bidding & Scheduling Screenshot
Track PM work orders with Escalation Manager to ensure jobs are completed on schedule.


  • Excellent customer relationship management built-in 
  • Technicians are able to access site records and equipment schematics
  • Plenty of customization options 


  • Tech-savviness required for set-up and maintenance 
  • Easy to get lost between credit cards and expense screens 
  • Creating new reports can be cumbersome

Other Service Management Software Options

Here’s a few more that didn’t make the top list. If you need additional suggestions for handy HVAC software, check these out.

  1. Field Pulse – Best field service management software for GPS-tagged updates
  2. Commusoft – Best HVAC software solution for customer feedback collection
  3. HindSite Solution – Best HVAC service software for complex billing rules 
  4. Knowify – Best HVAC project management software
  5. Workiz – Best HVAC with integrated service phone software 
  6. ServiceTitan – Best maintenance memberships and equipment-based contracts
  7. Housecall Pro – Best mobile app for iOS, Android, and tablet users
  8. Jobber – Best route optimization for field technicians
  9. FieldEdge – Best free HVAC business software (max 1 user)

What Do You Think About The Above HVAC software?

Have you tried out any HVAC design software listed above? What dispatching software do you use now and are you looking to scale or upgrade in the future? Do you use any technology for technician scheduling? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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