ReQtest New Requirements Management Module Released

Stockholm, Sweden, February 20, 2010

ReQtest is an agile project management tool with customers in +30 countries enabling organizations to manage scope, quality, and progress in IT projects.

ReqTest New Requirements Management Module
ReqTest new requirements management module.

The new Requirements Management module adds functionality such as versatile requirements hierarchy with strong business logic, full traceability and visibility between requirements, test, and bugs, strengthened connection to Jira and enhanced reporting.

“The number one reason IT projects fail is poor business requirements.  And this comes from lack of a structured process, poor collaboration, and inadequate tool support. By providing our +10 000 active user base with our new functionality, we enable them to achieve greater project success by managing their project from requirements to released software.”

says Henrik Andreasson, CEO of ReQtest.

“No matter if you work with agile, DevOps, SAFe or more traditional models, our new module will support our customers to develop the right software with ensured quality”

Henrik Andreasson
Reqtest Enhanced Requirements Traceability screenshot
ReqTest enhanced requirements traceability.

Some of the benefits included in the new Requirements module are:

  • A new customizable Requirements Hierarchy with extensive business logic
  • Greater support for agile & other methods
  • Enhanced requirements traceability
  • Updated & extended connection to JIRA
  • “Word” like feel while working with requirements
  • Comprehensive reports on the implementation status

About ReQtest 

ReQtest AB offers world-class functionality within Requirements Management, Test Management, and Bug Tracking. It has customers in over 30 countries with more than 10,000 active users. For more information about the software and its features visit

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