The 7 Most Significant Project Management News Stories Of 2019

Project management is a field that is always transforming as new technology and best practices come on board. Whether you have worked in the field for years or are brand new to it, you should always stay on top of these ever-changing project management topics. You will find some great reading resources to help you do this. While some authors have different styles of writing and readers are looking for various content, there are some really interesting project management news stories from 2019 that will help all who are in the field.

1. The 4 Biggest Project Management Trends Shaping 2019 by Mark White

A news piece outlining the trends for 2019 that will work into 2020 and beyond. Its an easy read and straightforward in its content and includes simple instructions on how to apply the content to actual work life. Trends have a significant impact on the following year if they continue. This article highlights the trends of:

  • Cross company collaboration
  • Improved reporting and data collection
  • Better use of hybrid project management practices
  • Open-source problem solving

2. Project Management: It is Scrum or Nothing, Says new Study by Nate Swanner

This is a big news note when it comes to project management methodology. Studies have now proven that Scrum is the most used with almost 40% utilizing it. The closest other option was at a low 20% according to Swanner’s article. Agile is the trend that has taken over and is likely to continue into 2020. This is important for everyone working in the field, especially when planning for upcoming projects.

“Agile has already taken over the software world.” It seems the alternative is nothing at all, at least for the developer world-at-large.”

3. Nine Out-Of-The-Box Project Management Tips For Tech Teams by Forbes Expert Panel

Forbes is a good online project management magazine that published this article looking at solutions for tech staff for task management and those times when you need something beyond the standard way of doing things. They list nine tips for tech teams to help with overall project management.

  • Shared expectations – align your team early
  • Know the big picture, not just your part
  • Watch for changes of scope
  • Keep teams working closely
  • Tasks should include business objective
  • Remember the final goal of customer experience
  • Run feedback sessions
  • Don’t allow distractions
  • Be flexible but focused

4. 21 Secrets to Run a Remote Team Successfully by Denise Mai

Every year, our workplaces change and morph with the advance of technology and streamlining. More companies are allowing parts of the workforce to work remotely. With this change comes the need to adapt and learn to work as a team remotely. This article is helpful for team leaders who have either part or all of their team off-site. Its an up and coming trend that project managers need to understand and know how to work with. Hints in this article cover the basics of hiring those that are the right fit, online and onsite meetings, following proper office etiquette, and following HR as you would in an in-house setting.

Mai notes, “While some are very similar to the methods you would use with an on-site team, others are very remote specific. You need to pay close attention to these if you want your distributed team to be successful and productive.”

5. Why Project Managers Must Evolve by Leslie Stevens-Huffman

Times are a-changing and the project management field has to stay on top of technology and business transitions to stay relevant. So, they must judge what practices and methodologies need to stay and what needs to go. Without this assessment, projects run into significant issues with delays, overrun costs, and slow turn around times. This article speaks to project managers who need to judge what their teams will need and what they do not.

  • The need for hybrid frameworks
  • Short term planning
  • Be consultative
  • Being an inspiring leader
  • Process prior to tools

6. How Digital Transformation is Changing Project Management  by Jay T. Ripton

With the growth of technology in the last few decades, businesses are being forced to change how they do things. While many are well on their way to being digital, a lot are still in the process of changing, still working on bringing in digital tools and changing their processes. This affects the project management role. Managers need to understand how these changes affect their roles so they can grow and adjust their work accordingly. Here are some changes that need to be noted:

  • Real-time communication in a virtual space
  • Project managers may become facilitators rather than just managers
  • PMs can do more with less. Technology allows big picture thinking
  • Projects are going to become more data-driven analytics
  • Remote teams are coming into project management

7. UAE Forum Weighs Impact of Cultural Mix on Project Management by Faisal Masudi

While this forum is in Dubai and specific to local matters, it applies globally as people begin to understand the impact of culture and diversity on project management. We are globally linked in many ways which play into the future of where this industry is going.

The intent is to “transform the UAE into a global model in the culture, policy, laws, and practices of tolerance, we were keen on inculcating the impact of cultural diversity on projects management.”

Final Thoughts

Staying on top of project management in the news is important if you are a project manager. Reading the latest news articles or finding good project management blogs is key to understanding the future. While there are lots of project management resources to be found online, more are available through the Project Manager News newsletter. Using sites such as this can help you find current PM news as well as helpful insight and support in an ever-changing industry.

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