microTOOL Release: Useful New Features For PMs Who Manage Multiple Projects

In their October 23, 2019 press release, the software provider microTOOL announced an upgrade to their objectiF RPM solution, an integrated software solution for requirements engineering and project management. This enhanced functionality is part of the new Version 5.2 release.

The Berlin company microTOOL now offers cross-project requirements and resource management in its latest version. For project managers looking to save time, this means that users can speed up their requirements gathering process by deriving requirements from packages in other projects within the RM software.

New Features In The objectiF RPM 5.2 Upgrade

The new objectiF RPM Version 5.2 includes a few useful features, including:

  • easy drag-and-drop navigation to add requirements from other projects into your current project
  • cross-project visibility to see employee availability and activity on multiple projects at once (see below
  • a single Gantt chart view showing temporal relationships between parallel projects (see image below)
  • cross-project search functionality
  • new view called “Activities with Costs” to look at planned and actual costs over freely definable time periods
  • hierarchical queries that display relationships between elements, even if they’re found across several folder levels.

micrTOOL users are already familiar with using a Kanban board for planning out tasks and activities that will be pleased to discover: you now have access to an upgraded Kanban board that can display user stories, test cases, goals, and more.

Gantt chart for managing multiple projects
One of the new features released in objectiF RPM Version 5.2: Gantt chart for managing multiple projects. Source: microTOOL
staff and cost planning across multiple projects
Another new feature in objectiF RPM’s Version 5.2, Staff and cost planning across multiple projects. Source: microTOOL

New microTOOL Kanban Board

The new Kanban board comes with all of the fixings you’d hope for in a Kanban software, including status updates and WIP (Work-In-Progress) Limits.

In their press release, the company explained how these new Kanban features can improve your workflow:

This ensures that bottlenecks can be quickly detected and rectified, as part of a continuous process of improvement (Kaizen). Kanban is thus a method to increase production flow. In addition to Kanban boards, in objectiF RPM you can create custom dashboards that display various KPIs. A cumulative flow diagram, for example, delivers real-time information on team efficiency and the stability of the workflow.

What Is ObjectiF RPM?

For those who are new to microTOOL and its suite of tools for requirements engineering, project management, development, and testing, their objectiF RPM product—the so-called “Platform for Projects”—offers a robust set of features for projects, including:

  • requirements engineering
  • requirements management
  • agile, classic and hybrid project management
  • system design
  • development
  • testing

New users can try out a fully-functional, downloadable 30-day trial of objectiF RPM 5.2.

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