APM Joins Call To Government, Education Institutions And Professional Bodies To Invest In Talent For The Future

London, 29 November – Association for Project Management (APM) has welcomed the findings of CBI/Pearson Education and Skills survey, backing recommendations aimed at addressing anticipated future skills challenges.

Responding to the survey’s findings, released today, APM’s head of external affairs David Thomson said:

“We welcome the CBI/Pearson annual skills survey which highlights the concerns of employers and organisations to have a ‘match-ready’ workforce. The report helps shine a light on key requirements for addressing the skills challenges for the future.

“APM, the chartered body for the project profession, recently launched its own ‘big conversation’ with members and stakeholders (called ‘Projecting the Future’) about the key challenges for the future and how to ensure that, as a key profession for the future, project managers are equipped to deliver the changes that the economy and society will require. Whether it is data, automation and AI; climate change; longevity or mobility – all will impact the skills and employability needs of current and future generations.

“Central to the future of our newly chartered profession is the need to support the development of the right skills to help deliver projects. This is increasingly how organisations seek to deliver beneficial change, whether by building modern high-speed railways, treating disease, delivering disaster relief or using drones innovatively to survey land and buildings – it is important that people have the right attributes and skill sets to adapt and thrive.

“This survey rightly sets out some key recommendations. We would focus on a few of key importance:

The need for education institutions and professional bodies to develop the right qualifications and appropriate lifelong learning to support career starters and those already in-career.

Addressing key skills gaps for future needs that government listens to employers and professional bodies on the need to ensure apprenticeships are properly funded; and supports a stable investment climate for employers to invest in talent.

Address the new requirements for those entering or adapting in the workforce: skills like resilience, problem solving, and leaderships skills such as leading diverse teams or dealing with dynamic or stressful situations.

Continuing to build good links between school/college/universities and employers
Addressing the need for good life-skills (such as the right behaviors and attitudes) as well as for the right qualifications, which is so relevant project professionals.

“The project profession is ready and willing to address the challenge of successfully delivering the important changes that will be required in coming years. Having the right skills is key to ensuring this happens.”

Read the full report – https://www.cbi.org.uk/articles/education-and-learning-for-the-modern-world/

To find out more about APM’s Projecting the Future visit www.apm.org.uk/projecting-the-future/

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